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"I Love How LOUD MeckMIN Has Gotten as of Late!"

By LeDayne Mcleese Polaski, Executive Director, MeckMIN


At first the message took me aback – loud?

Here in the South is that even a compliment? We’ve been “loud”?

But then I started to think back over the year, my first at MeckMIN, and I began to think, “Well, yes, we have gotten rather loud. Thanks for noticing!"

We’ve been loud in saying from the beginning of the pandemic that our community focus has to be on our most vulnerable neighbors.

We’ve been loud in identifying local anti-racism resources and urging congregations to use them to deepen their work against this lasting scourge.

We’ve been loud working in partnership to lament the lives lost to the virus, to commit to continued vigilance, and to call on local officials to make concerted efforts to protect unsheltered people.

We’ve been loud in shining a light on the needs made so evident by the pandemic and seeking out and making known resources available to help meet them.

We've been loud strengthening the ability of houses of faith and non-profits to reach out in coordinated, compassionate and effective ways.

We’ve been loud as we’ve offered training on trauma awareness and resilience and on how understanding both undergirds effective work against racism.

We’ve been loud as we’ve worked to guide the faith community in how best to step up to fill the gaps in this season of remote education.

We’ve been loud as we’ve added all this new programming even while continuing with and making Covid-safe our Community Leader Awards Breakfast, Food for Thought, Open Tables, the Community-Wide Interfaith Thanksgiving Service, monthly events for youth, weekly community leader meetings and more.

If you too celebrate MeckMIN being “loud”, we hope you’ll make a gift to help us continue speaking out for compassion, understanding, and justice. Gifts from individuals, congregations, nonprofit agencies and community organizations are a key source of income allowing us to sustain all we do.

Thank you for your commitment to the common good – and thanks for helping to keep MeckMIN LOUD!

Executive Director


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