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Capitol Riots, Jan. 6, 2021


In our work at MeckMIN, we are committed to building a Beloved Community by promoting interfaith collaboration to foster understanding, compassion and justice.

Drawing upon the divine wisdom of our many faith traditions, we urge people of faith to come together and live up to the ideals of compassion, justice and peace that we all hold in common. We denounce the violence and lawlessness which took place in Washington D.C. on January 6th and extend our heartfelt care to all those who have been killed, injured and traumatized by this event. We join all those who are praying that no more harm or loss of life follows in the coming week.

It is our hope that everyone will take this opportunity to look courageously and honestly at what has happened to bring us to this moment. We must all educate ourselves about the elements of hate, oppression and divisiveness that have plagued this country from its founding to the present day. The only way forward is to turn towards a resolution that upholds peace and strives to embody the ideals of our nation. We call on all faith leaders to reach out to their congregations and communities to spread the message of the benevolent neighborly community that we must build for a healthier, safer, and better tomorrow.

Capitol Riots MeckMIN


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