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Faith, Community & Nonprofit Leader Thursday Meetings 

Since March 2020, MeckMIN has been convening regular Zoom meetings for faith, community and nonprofit leaders. These meetings allow diverse leaders to share information and resources to foster a robust, coordinated, and effective response to the needs of our community, especially our most vulnerable neighbors. 


The nonprofits involved include everything from the largest players to grassroots groups. The attendees include lay and staff members of local congregations, government representatives and staff, and leaders of neighborhood and community groups. The only requirement to attend is a concern for the good of our shared community. 


Originally focused on the needs created or made worse by the pandemic, the meetings have over time developed a wider scope of working together for the common good -- they've become a go-to place to share or get information, to offer or ask for resources, and to look for volunteers or volunteer opportunities. 


The meetings are held every other Thursday from 11 a.m. to 12 noon via Zoom.  


The format is simple -- MeckMIN shares some basic information and then groups present short updates (3-5 minutes) on what they are doing, how local communities and their members might benefit, and how local communities and their members might contribute. 


Somehow, amazing things seem to happen each time as knowledge and resources are shared and connections are made or deepened. 


If you want to attend one of the upcoming meetings, please reach out to me at

Click on the Button Below to Access Leader Meeting Minutes 

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