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An Important Request from MeckMIN

Dear Friends,

Thank you for all you are doing in these challenging days. Many of you have written to say that the resources you are receiving from MeckMIN are inspiring and empowering you, your houses of faith, and your community groups to act in compassionate and effective ways. That positive feedback makes us bold to ask

Can you help us raise the funds to keep it up?

Below you’ll see a brief list of all the things we’re doing — as well as a list of ways that you can help to support this work financially.

The truth is that our coffers are getting low, and we could really use your help right now. Please read below the MANY different ways you can help, and choose the one(s) that make sense for you.

In Peace, LeDayne


Here are just a few of the kudos MeckMIN has received lately:

I truly appreciate the leadership you have given during this strange time and the resources that you have pulled together. It has been very helpful.

Thank you so much. You truly are incredible. Charlotte is so lucky to have you!

Thank you for all of the excellent information you are compiling and getting out to us.

Thank you for holding weekly Zoom meetings. Our church is using this as a resource to direct our volunteer activities and donations.
I’m writing you simply to express my gratitude for all that you and MeckMin are doing right now to keep houses of faith informed and supported. You are doing incredible work. I’m overwhelmed with trying to keep our ministries going online right now in the midst of this crisis. Everything you are doing is helping. Thank you!

What are we doing that’s helping so much?

In these days of challenge and change amidst the Covid19 pandemic, we’ve seen in powerful ways how our decades of building bridges, creating connections and empowering leaders impacts the community:

  1. We’re pulling together weekly meetings between nonprofit, community and faith leaders to focus on mitigating the impact on our most vulnerable neighbors.

  2. We’re publishing regular information and resources to assist congregations.

  3. We’re connecting people with volunteer opportunities and groups needing help with volunteers.

  4. We’re connecting faith leaders to financial resources to share with their members who are being negatively impacted.

  5. We teamed up with other local groups to host a successful press conference with the theme “We ARE our neighbor’s keeper.”

  6. We hosted a Technology Town Hall to empower faith leaders as they move worship, administration, offerings and more on-line.

  7. We’re sharing curated information with our members — everything from where to find employment opportunities to how to make an effective face mask to donate to local hospitals.

  8. We’ll soon be offering trauma awareness and resilience training specific to this moment.

  9. We’ve also witnessed a myriad of ways people and houses of faith are using MeckMIN connections to support one another.

All of this is going on even while we make plans for our regular programming – Food for Thought, Open Tables, Conflict Transformation Training, Community Leader Awards Breakfast, Community-Wide Thankgiving Service, and In Our Own Back Yard Interfaith Youth Camp. 


Buy a ticket to our Community Leader Awards Breakfast set for 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday, May 27 via Facebook Live. The suggested donation is $45, but tickets are available for a donation of any size. Individual ticket purchase form:

Sponsor a table ($500) or half table ($250) at the Awards Breakfast. You can sponsor in your own name or the name of a small business you own or would like to support. We know our small businesses need right now! 

Ask your house of faith to sponsor a table as well. 

Ask a larger business you frequent to become a presenting, awards or sustaining sponsor.

All ticket sales and sponsorships of the MeckMIN Awards Breakfast will also benefit Loaves and Fishes! So your virtual breakfast will provide someone with an actual breakfast (plus lunch and dinner.)

Make a donation.To keep pace with expenses, we need to raise $20,000 between now and the end of our fiscal year (June 30.) What part can you play in reaching that goal?

Invite friends, family, house of faith members and neighbors to join you in making a donation.

Ask your house of faith to become a member, renew their membership, or make a gift over and above their membership. Congregational memberships are our largest source of income.


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