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Where God is Resurrecting Sacred Community In The Least Likely Places



Merciful Father, we come to you this day saying thank you for all your tender mercies, such as rest, food, friends, family and the very air we breathe.

Please put your stamp of approval on the works of MeckMin and Food for Thought. Guide our hearts and minds to be able to do your will, this day and every day.

All this we humbly ask.



Where God is Resurrecting Sacred Community In The Least Likely Places by Rev. Dr. John Cleghorn

MeckMin Food for Thought Sept 9
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Eternal Creator of the Universe, Sustainer of all peoples:

We give thanks for letting us share this past hour together in this diverse space in which we converge in our mutual bonds of respect and tolerance for what it means to build from the inside.

It is liberating when we honor those who follow a different faith tradition from us.

It is freedom to socialize with those who look different than us.

Help us to be of those who are compassionate and understanding.

Most Merciful One, guide us to be welcoming to everyone we meet in our sacred spaces. And please help us to seek others, different from our own selves, and to get outside of our own comfort zones.

Oh, Holy One, guide us to stretch beyond—

Because knowing the other makes us realize we more the same, than not.



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