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Health Care: Dr. Richard Weaver Wynn

LISTEN TO THE ZOOM RECORDING HERE! This recording is NOT available. Our apologies. We inadvertently neglected to record this session.


Prayer for a New Normal

The World as we knew it is gone, and for what feels like such a long time we have experienced so much hardship during this Pandemic. As we prepare to walk into the future we pray for the "new normal" to come. May our hearts be unified in You more than ever. May the tender moments of seeing someone again in person be all the more rich and treasured. May the reunions, interactions, and moments ahead be held in such intentionality and may we turn to You in sincere gratitude. Help us to come out of this Pandemic better, not bitter. Help us to become more considerate of others, more mindful of how we can help one another, and how we can serve You and Your children well. We thank You that no matter how dark the night may get, there is the hope of the dawn to come.


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