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Donations Support Crisis Assistance Ministry & MeckMIN at Interfaith Thanksgiving Service

Each year, the MeckMIN Interfaith Thanksgiving Service welcomes people of all faiths and backgrounds to come together in gratitude to celebrate diversity and pray for unity. This year, the 45th Annual Interfaith Community-Wide Thanksgiving Service will be broadcast on Facebook Live (@MeckMIN) on November 24, 2020 beginning at 6:45pm.


Donations will support the work of MeckMIN in promoting interfaith collaboration and help to prevent homelessness for our neighbors who seek help at Crisis Assistance Ministry. Click here to make a secure online donation.


The History Behind the Interfaith Thanksgiving Service

In the year 1975, Rev. Dr. Sidney Freeman, minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte and Rabbi Harold Krantzler of Temple Beth El came together to begin a tradition that embodied the beautiful tapestry of Charlotte's diverse religious community. A Unitarian Universalist and a Reform Jew put aside their religious differences and envisioned a Community-Wide Interfaith Thanksgiving Service that would encourage our neighbors to practice gratitude in ways that would unite and transform our community. Today, we celebrate and honor Rev. Dr. Sidney Freeman and Rabbi Harold Krantzler for their ability to see beyond the lines that too often create division within the human family. We continue to build upon their legacy by welcoming people of all faiths and backgrounds as we come together in gratitude to celebrate diversity and pray for unity. Each year this service is held in a different house of worship, and faith leaders across the community are invited to participate. Attendance at this service has reached as many as 1,500. Financial donations are shared by Crisis Assistance Ministries and MeckMIN.

Hosted by Temple Beth El, the theme this year will be “The Truth of our Connectedness” and will feature Rev. Dr. Peter Wherry as the speaker. Rev. Dr. Peter Wherry is the Senior Pastor of Mayfield Memorial Missionary Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC. He is the founding moderator of the United Missionary Baptist Association, which provides leadership to 70 churches in the region, with a constituency of over 40,000 people. He is also a pioneering leader of the Forward Together Movement. WHEN: Tuesday, November 24th 6:45pm - 8:00pm. WHERE: Broadcast Live on MeckMIN's Facebook page.

REGISTER HERE We're looking forward to using this platform to creatively connect as we look to unify and encourage our whole community.


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