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Anti-Racism Resources

MeckMIN Racial Dialogue Resource List : Charlotte-Mecklenburg County artists, trainers, scholars and activists who work alongside faith communities looking to delve into transformative conversations around race, racism, power and privilege. We are very pleased to be able to share this resource list of local people and groups offering accompaniment to houses of faith looking to deepen their anti-racist understanding and work.We hope this list will assist you in doing the work to which you feel called in this moment pregnant with the possibility of positive change. We plan to continue to update this list so if you know a local person or group whose work you can strongly recommend, please put them in touch with us so that we can make this document richer, fuller and more complete!

Scaffolded Anti-Racism Resources : This highly recommended compilation highlights excellent resources including books, articles, podcasts, videos and more to aid in your anti-racism journey. If you are looking for additional information, this is the best resource we've seen. Scaffolded Anti-Racism Resources is interfaith, addresses people at all stages of the journey, and suggests resources for teachers, parents and children. It is a working document, so if you have other recommended resources, we urge you to add them and to make this list even better.

Black History of Charlotte : Queen City Nerve has published a five-part history of Black culture in Charlotte written by Pamela Grundy, a local historian who wrote “Color and Character.”A MUST READ!

Fragile Democracy The Struggle Over Race & Voting Rights in North Carolina, Queen City Nerve article featuring book written by James Leloudis, Professor of History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Robert Korstad, Professor Emeritus of History and Public Policy, Duke University.


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