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3900-A Park Road | Charlotte, NC 28209  /  Tel. 704.565.5455

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Houses of Faith/Affiliate Annual Membership Campaign:



In this time of renewal, help us continue the work of promoting interfaith collaboration to foster UNDERSTANDING, COMPASSION and JUSTICE. Our work is funded by the generosity of individuals, grassroots groups, organizations, corporations, and Houses of Faith. In order to envision a community that lives by the highest values and core virtues of its rich faith traditions and respects the dignity of every person we need your engagement and participation in our various activities held throughout the year:


  • Annual Interfaith Community-Wide Thanksgiving Service

  • Annual Community Leader Awards Breakfast

  • In Our Own Backyard Interfaith Summer Camp

  • Food for Thought (3rd Wednesday of the month)

  • Open Tables


Consider investing in an annual MeckMIN membership, some of its benefits include:

  • Form meaningful relationships with people of other cultures and faiths through programs like Open Tables and In Our Own Back Yard Interfaith Youth Camp.

  • Deepen the faith of your members as they expand their understandings of other faith traditions through programs such as Food for Thought, our Interfaith Women’s book club, and the Annual Interfaith Community-Wide Thanksgiving Service.

  • Be a facilitator of positive change in our community through programs such as Adult and youth service projects, the annual Community Leader Awards Breakfast; and Faith, Community and Non-profit Leader Gatherings.

  • Have the ability to promote your programs to our member organizations through our e-Newsletter, website, Facebook and Instagram.

  • Get recognition of your membership on MeckMIN's website and in community-wide event programs.

  • Receive recognition as a community collaborator associated with Mecklenburg County’s premier interfaith organization.


Why give to MeckMIN?

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