Founded in 1987 as Mecklenburg Ministries, MeckMin is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization of nearly 100 member congregations representing more than a dozen faith traditions.

Our Mission

MeckMin promotes interfaith collaboration to foster understanding, compassion and justice.

Our Vision

We envision a community that lives by the highest values and core virtues of its rich faith traditions and respects the dignity of every person.

Our Values

MeckMin values…

  • the core virtues of our rich faith traditions our members being anchored in their belief in God, the Divine, the spiritual.
  • the worth and dignity of all people finding common ground through respecting and affirming all humans.
  • relationships recognizing that our spiritual and human relationships are even more important than the causes we address.
  • the diversity of the Charlotte community enriching our lives as we learn from one another’s racial, ethnic, cultural, and faith understandings.
  • peace believing in the importance of peace within each person, our community and our world.



We welcome all to join in our work of building bridges across differences empowered by the inspiration of our rich faith traditions.