Holding Hands

Charlotte-Mecklenburg County resources on anti-racism, remote learning, employment, education, Covid food and financial assistance, senior citizens, voting and more.



Scaffolded Anti-Racism Resources : This highly recommended compilation highlights excellent resources including books, articles, podcasts, videos and more to aid in your anti-racism journey. If you are looking for additional information, this is the best resource we've seen. Scaffolded Anti-Racism Resources is interfaith, addresses people at all stages of the journey, and suggests resources for teachers, parents and children. It is a working document, so if you have other recommended resources, we urge you to add them and to make this list even better. 

MeckMIN Racial Dialogue Resource List : Local artists, trainers, scholars and activists who work alongside faith communities looking to delve into transformative conversations around race, racism, power and privilege. We are very pleased to be able to share this resource list of local people and groups offering accompaniment to houses of faith looking to deepen their anti-racist understanding and work.We hope this list will assist you in doing the work to which you feel called in this moment pregnant with the possibility of positive change. We plan to continue to update this list so if you know a local person or group whose work you can strongly recommend, please put them in touch with us so that we can make this document richer, fuller and more complete!

Black History of Charlotte - Queen City Nerve has published a five-part history of Black culture in Charlotte written by Pamela Grundy, a local historian who wrote “Color and Character.”A MUST READ!

Fragile Democracy The Struggle Over Race & Voting Rights in North Carolina, Queen City Nerve article featuring book written by James Leloudis, Professor of History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Robert Korstad, Professor Emeritus of History and Public Policy, Duke University.






If you're still looking for a safe place for your kids to complete virtual learning and socialize, there are a few organizations here to help. MeckMIN has created a an Education Equity Resource site where you can have easy access to all the flyers that have been shared on our calls regarding educational equity in this season of remote instruction. It contains information on resources that you and members of your house of faith might need, ways you can volunteer, advocacy work you can join and more. If you have a resource to share, please email LeDayne Polaski

The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Charlotte has a Remote Learning Support Camp daily from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. To participate, fill-out an application and return it to one of the four Charlotte-area club locations. Club membership is $5.

YMCA branches around Charlotte are offering a variety of Back to School Programs (they're hiring, too). Most locations do have a waitlist. Cost varies.

The Children’s Theater of Charlotte is holding daily and weekly mini-camps from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. with themes like Under the Sea and Passport to the Jungle. Mini-camps are $70/day or $280/week. 

The Discovery Place is holding Weekly Camps from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. $250/week for members. $300/week for non-members.

NCDHHS has a hotline (888-600-1685) to assist in finding childcare options for kids 0-12. 

A child care hotline is available to help families with school-age children find care [web]. The hotline (888.600.1685) will connect parents to licensed childcare facilities for kids 0-12 years old. As of August 10, the governor's office reported about 30,000 open childcare slots. "We need to do everything we can to support working parents as we work to beat this virus,” said Governor Roy Cooper.

EveryoneOn.org - Helps families identify low cost internet options nearby 




Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services - DSS Career Service Centers

​DSS Career Services Centers are free and open to the public

  • Computers available for job search, resume building, applications and mor

  • Postings for job leads and community events

  • Workshops and hiring events, as posted

  • Staff to assist you, and to connect you to the RISE2Work program and other up-skill opportunities for higher paying careers!


Every week Mecklenburg County shares a great list of job openings. To get on the list, email Jennifer Rupp

Goodwill Opportunity Campus : Our job resource centers in Charlotte and Gastonia are open for computer access by appointment. Visit Job Resource Centers at the Goodwill Opportunity Campus, located at 5301 Wilkinson Boulevard in Charlotte, and our Gastonia Job Connection, located at 116 Armstrong Street in Gastonia. Job seekers can now safely access our computers and start or continue their job search. To make an appointment in Gastonia, call 704-916-1610.  Click here to make an appointment in Charlotte

Resume Help & Job Seeker Support: If you’re looking for help with your resume, would like to receive job seeker support, or have an interest in our online classes – you can still do so virtually! To get started with our virtual services, email Virtual Career Resources or  Click here to get  virtual career help 



Mecklenburg County Offers Free COVID-19 Home Disinfecting Service for Seniors:

Mecklenburg County’s Department of Social Services (DSS) has partnered with Bio-One to offer a free one-time COVID-19 professional disinfecting service to residents who are 60 years of age or older. Bio-One will apply a CDC/EPA-approved chemical to all surfaces, doorknobs, handles, light switches and high traffic areas of the home. The chemical is safe for pets and children.While there is no cleaning method that guarantees total elimination of the virus, Bio-One’s cleaning protocol can help reduce the spread and threat of coronavirus. Participants must be a resident of Mecklenburg County, 60 years of age or older, and able to leave their home for approximately three hours while services are rendered . Click Here to Schedule an Appointment  or call 980-314-6800  

Mental Health Support for Seniors Impacted by Covid-19:

Southminster has received $250,000 from Mecklenburg County Relief Fund to assist local seniors who have been impacted by COVID-19. Leadership at the South Charlotte charitable life plan community will collaborate with a minimum of 10 community partners to fund solutions that address mental health support to seniors and caregivers, training for professionals to enhance social engagement, and technology support to help seniors gain access to information and services. The Southminster Website has more information and the simple application. Please reach out with questions. 980-771-9384 



Charlotte City Council recently approved $8 million additional dollars of CARE’s Act Funding that will allow for expansion of the existing Rental and Mortgage Assistance Program (RAMP CLT). The expanded program will continue funding qualifying mortgage and rent payments.  The $8 million in Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding is now available for mortgage and rental assistance, in addition to the $2.2 million previously made available. The Housing Partnership will execute the program, in partnership with Socialserve.

Since April, 1,529 households have received $1.4 million in mortgage, rent, hotel, and utilities and upfront housing assistance due to COVID-19. This initial funding was limited to those living in City-supported properties, eligible to households earning 80 percent or below the Area Median Income (AMI), or $63,200 for a family of four, and facing a COVID-19 hardship including job loss, wage reduction, illness, or childcare challenges. With the infusion of CARES Act funding, the RAMP CLT program has expanded. Individuals who earn 80 percent or below the AMI who face a COVID-19 hardship and cannot make housing payments can apply for rent or mortgage assistance.

Those who are applying for mortgage assistance must have been current on their mortgage payments prior to April 2020. For rent assistance, payments are made directly to landlords and property managers, so in order to receive funding, landlords and property managers must register as part of the program. Financial assistance is also available for long-term hotel guests (30 days or longer) who are experiencing a financial hardship and cannot pay the hotel bill due to COVID-19.


A program representative will work one-on-one with all applicants to determine their eligibility for each of these programs. More information on these programs and applications for property managers, hotel managers, tenants and those seeking mortgage and rent relief are available at rampclt.com. Rampclt.com also provides information and resources for those facing evictions. 


COVID-19 Food Access

COVID19 Food and Financial Help Resource List : MeckMIN is pleased to be able to share this newly updated list of food and financial resources available in our local area. PLEASE share this within your networks. PLEASE let us know if you have corrections or additions. 


Thanks to the Federal “Farm to Family Food Box” program, Loaves & Fishes is distributing boxes of excess fresh produce and dairy at a series of pop up food shares this summer in partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina. Free fresh produce and dairy are available while supplies last, and registration is required. Click Here For List of Upcoming Food Shares

Free food for those in need is also available at the following locations:

1. First Baptist Church West offers free grab and go lunch Monday through Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Please pick up a meal for yourself / neighbor, meals are delivered to your car. Please know your total number of meals that are needed when you arrive at the church.

2. Mt. Moriah Primitive Baptist Church (727 W. Trade Street) give out boxes of food every Wednesday and Thursday 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. The boxes include chicken, lunch meat, and canned goods.

COVID-19 Family Support

Family Partners works with families who are navigating the education, child welfare, mental health and juvenile justice systems. They help parents prepare for meetings with schools, service providers, and child & family teams. Additionally, they educate parents/caregivers to achieve successful outcomes including improving youth's ability to function at home, in school, and in their community. For more information and support, contact Barbara Baker at 980-406-1258 or Amy Dickey at 704-281-0493.




North Carolina Election Deadlines:

  • October 9th: Deadline to register to vote in order to participate in the November Election

  • October 15th: Early In-Person Voting begins for Mecklenburg County

  • October 27th: Last day to request an absentee ballot

  • October 30th: Last day of Early In-Person Voting for Mecklenburg County

  • November 2nd: Last day to get your absentee ballot in the mail

  • November 3rd: ELECTION DAY! If you didn't vote absentee or early in-person, hit the polls today! 


Even before the coronavirus took root in the United States, the 2020 Presidential Election cycle promised to be one of the most tumultuous and important of our lifetime. Now, with American public health concerns at a record high, our very understanding of what it means to participate in an election is evolving. In order to avoid polling places becoming COVID-19 hot spots and to ensure that all citizens have the ability to make their voice heard without risking their health and safety, many organizers and elected officials are urging voters to cast their vote via mail in, or absentee, ballot. 

What Does it Mean to Vote by Mail?

Voting by mail means that instead of voting in person at your local polling place on Election Day, you will be sent a ballot in the mail, which you will fill out and return to your local Board of Elections prior to Election Day. 

Cool, I'm all in! How Do I Get a Ballot?

In North Carolina, you must complete an Absentee Ballot Request Form in order to receive an absentee ballot. Once completed in its entirety, the form can be mailed, emailed, or faxed to your County Board of Elections any time before Tuesday, October 27th. Due to the expected volume of absentee ballot requests this year, we recommend completing and returning this form ASAP. Better yet, go ahead and do it right now!

***If you need a physical copy of the Absentee Ballot Request Form, you can pick one up from us at International House, 1817 Central Avenue #215, Charlotte, NC***

When Will I Receive my Ballot, and When Do I Need to Return it?

You can check the status of your absentee ballot request here.  Once your request has been received and accepted, you can expect your absentee ballot to arrive anywhere from 40 to 20 days before the election.  To ensure that your ballot is received in time and that your vote is counted, place your completed absentee ballot in the mail by October 20th. 

(In North Carolina, absentee ballots will still be counted as long as they are postmarked on or before Election Day; we just want you to be super careful and confident!) Alternatively, in NC, you can hand deliver your ballot to your County Board of Elections by 5pm on Election Day (November 3rd).

What if I Still Want to Vote in Person?

That's great! We encourage you to participate in One-Stop Early Voting and wear a mask. If you decide to vote early in person, you will most likely not be voting at your assigned polling place. Early Voting locations for NC will be released soon; when they are, you can find one close to you here. In Mecklenburg County, Early In Person Voting will be taking place October 15-31st. 

Is That Everything?

Almost! You won't be able to vote at all (in person, absentee, etc.) if you aren't registered! If you have a North Carolina drivers' license or other DMV-issued ID, you can now register to vote online here. You can also find the physical voter registration form here. If you aren't sure where you stand, you can check your voter registration status here.

The deadline to register to vote and still participate in the November Election is October 9th, 2020.

For more information about voting by mail and the steps you can take to help others safely vote this Fall, click here.
If you live in Mecklenburg County, you can find all of the juicy voting details you could ever need here.


Background:  Starting in 2008, Mecklenburg Ministries partnered with Rabbi Judy Schindler and Temple Beth El to create an insightful and compelling trilogy of documentaries that address issues our local students, teachers and neighbors have experienced with discrimination and difference. Read further for  more in-depth descriptions of Souls of Our Students, Souls of Our Teachers and Souls of our  Neighbors. These three documentaries are available now at the deeply discounted price of $5 each plus shipping. Contact Anna@meckmin.org to order. 

  • Souls of Our Students (SOOS) - 2009 Telly Award : This 2008 film focuses on a group of diverse local students discussing their experiences with discrimination and difference.  Along with a CMS 9th grade curriculum addressing issues of diversity, bullying and promoting respect, there are now three additional curricula for the “Souls of Our Students” DVD: a business curriculum, an independent school curriculum and a congregational curriculum. “Souls of Our Students” was presented at the “People of Color Independent Schools National Conference” in Denver, CO and was utilized throughout Charlotte and in over 33 schools, businesses and congregations across the nation.  SOOS was given the nationally recognized Telly Award in 2009. The film was created by MeckMIN in collaboration with Temple Beth El, Charlotte Coalition for Social Justice, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Wachovia, Lowe’s, and Providence Day School with funding provided by Foundation for the Carolinas.


  • Souls of Our Teachers (SOOT) - 2011 Telly Award - A film and curriculum focusing on successful teachers and their passion for their missions at high-poverty CMS schools.  The film premiered in 2010 but was presented to local leaders in February 2011 at "Twice the Power of One” with the goal of rallying individuals and organizations around CMS.  Collaborators included Temple Beth El, and Communities in Schools of Charlotte. SOOT was awarded a 2011 Telly Award.


  • Souls of Our Neighbors (SOON) - The third documentary of the “Souls” productions premiered in 2012 and focuses on the need for affordable housing for our neighbors.  It was created in 2011 by MeckMIN and Temple Beth El with funding provided by Foundation For The Carolinas.  The film is suitable for small group settings, including houses of worship.

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