25 Years of Mecklenburg Ministries (MeckMin) – A Theological Perspective by James Howell

Why Interfaith Matters Interfaith is not about creating a melting pot where all religious identities are simply merged, shapeless and generic, into one. Nor is it about proselytizing others to a particular religion or culture. It is a recognition that although all religions are not the same—and there is dignity in their differences—there is also a commonality among faiths. Only through dialogue can we discover and nurture that commonality.

Poverty, hunger, racism, war—these are just some of the issues that concern all of humanity. These are the challenges of the human family that require focused attention from all religions and spiritual traditions. But religion cannot help when people of faith are not in conversation with each other. Dialogue is crucial for the tremendous changes humanity needs to move forward.

Dialogue among faiths is essential for the benefit of all. The human touch opens hearts, but dialogue opens minds. Silence may not kill, but dialogue definitely heals. We believe in the power of interfaith dialogue to help us find common ground that will lead us to higher ground.

Why MeckMin We believe persons of faith can and should make a positive difference in our community. We need opportunities to collaborate with people from varying ethnic, religious, and economic groups in order to address humanitarian needs in our community.

We want to empower Charlotte’s congregations to build constructive relationships with their neighbors from diverse cultural groups and faiths.

Our Logo The MeckMin logo was designed with these opportunities and relationships in mind: It is composed of two “Ms” that are mirror images of each other, symbolizing that across all of our differences, we all want the same things: someone to be a friend; someone to care; someone to grieve with us; someone to love us; a path where we find higher meaning and purpose in life. When we come together across our differences, we create light. The two Ms form the base of a candle with a flame flickering above. The flame signifies the mission of Mecklenburg Ministries — as of all faith traditions — to be a beacon, to shine a light on pressing social justice issues, and to give hope to the community by working together.