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God, We Are in a New Place — Rabbi Judith Schindler

God, We are in a new place… one we have never known as Coronavirus makes its way across the globe. Disrupting lives, economies, livelihoods. Disordering the plans so many had in place. Devastating souls in our global community.

Source of strength, help us to appreciate the people and world around us and the basics that sustain us.

Help us to celebrate and fully support the caregivers and healers of our community.

God, We are in a new time… a slower time as commitment after commitment has fallen off our calendars. May we appreciate the sacred of the simple. The here and the now.

Source of light, we are in a new way…

May we contract our interactions so that health can be maintained and medical resources for those infected can keep up with the demand. May we expand our generosity:

  1. of time supporting those who need us.

  2. of money and resources – so that hourly wage earners can maintain their sustenance and those who are economically struggling can have what they need.

May we express our generosity of love of our neighbor and of the stranger – who especially needs rootedness right now.

Source of centeredness, we are in a new reality… help us to see that the most significant revelations happen in the wilderness, in those liminal times and places where the future path is uncertain.

In this new place, in this new time and this new way, may we learn about the universe and about God. May we learn about humanity and healing. Most of all, may we learn about love as we commit to being our best community and being our best selves. Amen.

Rabbi Judith Schindler

Sklut Professor of Jewish Studies &

Director of the Stan Greenspon Center for Peace and Social Justice

Queens University of Charlotte

Charlotte, North Carolina


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