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Virus Studies
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Booster Eligibility Update 

Good news! Everyone 50 and older and certain immunocompromised people can now get a second COVID vaccine booster 4 months after receiving their initial booster. Vaccines and boosters are the best way to stay safe from severe COVID illness. Learn more at #WeCanDoThis 


The National Council of Churches has produced a fact sheet: A Christian Approach to Vaccine Hesitancy to aid church and faith leaders in having courageous conversations about being vaccinated. The fact sheet also provides a Christian scriptural basis for a compassionate response to vaccine hesitancy and provides responses to Biblical misinformation around vaccination. This resource will be most useful to Christian congregations.


The National Council of Churches also has a variety of other COVID-19 Resources specifically designed for faith communities. Some are Christian-specific, but many would be appropriate for any faith community :


We Do Not Get Herd Immunity Without Addressing Religious Identity.” 


The 2021 PRRI-IFYC Religious Diversity and Vaccine Survey offers a deep dive into religious identity and how it relates to vaccine acceptance, hesitancy, and refusal. Religious leaders will find this VERY HELPFUL as it includes in-depth understanding of which groups are most resistant and why along with ideas of how religious leaders and religious communities can respond. 


  • In case you missed the event, or if you would like to forward it to a friend, here is a link to the full report. 

  • You may access a replay of the webinar via YouTube [here].

  • You may also download a PDF of the presentation slides [here].


Key takeaways: 


Faith leaders and faith communities have a huge amount of power in shaping people's opinions about getting vaccinated. 


Broad messaging has gone as far as it can – now is the time for congregation by congregation, person to person conversations.  People's concerns are varied from worries about missing work to worries about vaccine safety -- the most effective messages will respond directly to each person's exact concern. 


Some things that have proven effective that houses of faith can do to address vaccine hesitancy:

  • Holding a forum on vaccine safety

  • Faith leader(s) publicly getting a vaccine

  • Fellow members publicly getting a vaccine

  • Holding vaccine clinics at your congregation

  • Helping members to get vaccine appointments 

  • Addressing vaccines in worship 


Mecklenburg County Public Health encourages all eligible residents 12 and older to get a Covid-19 vaccination
Click here for locations and times 

INTERFAITH YOUTH CORE: The Power of Interfaith Action

Check Out This Quick Comparison Showing That The Covid-19 Virus
Has Significantly More Health Risks Than The Covid-19 Vaccine


Mecklenburg County Public Health encourages

ALL eligible residents to GET the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Become a COVID-19 Vaccine Championand help us get the word out!