Looking Back and Looking Forward

by LeDayne McLeese Polaski / 05 January 2017 / No Comments

A year ago, MeckMin’s future was insecure. A year ago, MeckMin accepted that change was needed. A year ago, our dedicated staff agreed to take on these uncertainties and reimagine a sustainable and vibrant interfaith network for the future.

Today, MeckMin has completed a non-profit business assessment. Today, MeckMin has put in place plans to address our challenges. Today, MeckMin has balanced the budget. Today, MeckMin embraces our identity as an interfaith network that lifts up and values the voice of every member. And today, MeckMin takes another significant step…

Fredrick Robinson, Leslie Gipple & Jason Williams

Fredrick Robinson, Leslie Gipple & Jason Williams

After a year of co-coordinating our restructuring and reimagining efforts, we say goodbye to Rev. Jason Williams whose five-year commitment to MeckMin has helped bring us through tough challenges into a clear and bright future. While we are sad to lose him, Rev. Williams is excited about his new role as pastor in the Wake-Harnett County area and the opportunity to be closer to his family. We wish him well and thank him for his exemplary service!

We also welcome Rev. Fredrick Robinson to our staff as interim co-coordinator to continue the efforts that Rev. Williams and Ms. Leslie Gipple have nurtured for the past year to bring our interfaith network into the future.

Rev. Robinson brings years of pastoral, community service, outreach and organizational skills to MeckMin. A graduate of Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, Rev. Robinson is also Vice President of the Charlotte/Mecklenburg branch of the NAACP and an executive board member of the Charlotte Clergy Coalition for Justice. Rev. Robinson is also working on a Master of Sacred Theology degree at Chicago Theological Seminary.

We embark upon this new year giving thanks for our past and present leadership and most especially YOU – Charlotte’s Interfaith Network!

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