From Our Community With Love

by LeDayne McLeese Polaski / 12 December 2019 / No Comments

From Our Community With Love

By Hannah Hasan

(Person 1)

There are those who have asked for us to tell our stories of unity

Those who need for us to be a vision of diversity

(Person 2)

And there are many reasons that this call has been made

Many people who hope that we can simply all stand together as one

Many who see boxes checked off as a job well done

(Person 3)

But we are more than opportunities for optics

A moment in time to make some feel safe

(Person 4)

 We are more than token pieces of a board game

We are not simply here to occupy a space

(Person 5)

Because we are calling for the type of unity

That ensures that our differences are not erased.

Person 1

We are asking that you see us

Really see us for the human being

Humans that we are at our core

We are asking for you to acknowledge the truest parts of our lives and experiences that

Makes us different

That kick down barriers and opens up the door 

to understanding

That sheds light on the most beautiful parts of each and every one of us

We believe that in valuing our differences that we create a world where we can really meet each other in love.

For anything that we do absent of love has no value at all

Can any of us really claim belief in anything at all

If we can not love for our neighbors what we love for ourselves

If we choose not to love for each other and the community above all else.

Person 2

When we make the choice to reach each one with compassion

And a great deal of patience and understanding

When say, “Yes, please bring your differences to the table”

We honor one of the most sacred of commandments

And we open our hearts to the possibility that through a little tenderness we might find connection and see the most honest parts of our human family too

For love finds no joy in unrighteousness but rejoices in the truth

Love is the truth

Person 3

And Truth-telling is soul-shaking

It aims straight through to the core

It pierces beyond all fallacy

Truth is at the center of love

Because when you know the truth

The truth will set you free

And what our world really needs

Does not merely exist in the gray areas

within half-truths of our existence and blurred lines

What our world and our future needs

Is to examine the honesty of who we are and how we got here

Void of trepidation

Void of lies

Person 4

When we choose courage and thoughtful open discourse

When we remove the disguise

We create opportunity to see each other through empathetic eyes

Through hearts that are wide open

Ready and willing to receive

When we embrace each other in love

With sincerity and honesty

We look within for the answers and honor that we have before us everything that we might need

Person 5

We were made different nations and tribes

So that we could get to know each other

Different races and ethnicities

With different religions and spiritual beliefs

So we could learn to love one another 

And you will not really love me

Until you see me

Honor me for all of the things that make me unique and different 

If we are to weave together a tapestry of community

It must be full of all of us 

connected through all of our experiences

(Person 1)

And there are those who might see a diluted message

In the calls for love and compassion

(Person 2)

But we see a world that will only find healing

Through this type of radical, tender action

(Person 3)

And of all of the weapons that we have at our disposal 

(Person 4)

To heal ourselves and create lasting change for future generations to come

(Person 5)

That weapon is shrouded in hope and truth


That weapon is love.

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