Race: an In-Depth Spiritual Examination

RISE! (Race: an In-Depth Spiritual Examination), is a program to equip and empower faith leaders, faith communities, and faith-based organizations to be at the forefront of challenging and combating systemic racism. The RISE! process includes assessment, consultation, and a two-day workshop highlighting both the historical roots of racism and its current manifestations within religious institutions and faith practices.


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

JustServe.org connects volunteers with opportunities to care for others and improve our communities. Email or submit your volunteer needs on the website then share it with your neighbors and “Just Serve”.

The Blog of the Mecklenburg Interfaith Network

From Our Community With Love By Hannah Hasan (Person 1) There are those who have asked for us to tell our stories of unity Those who need for us to be a vision of diversity (Person 2) And there are...

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As we reach out to ask for your support and involvement, we want to start with a question. Do you know where you live? Perhaps you have the easy answer to that question – Charlotte, Pineville, Davi...

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