Remembering Our 25th Anniversary Celebration

Mecklenburg Ministries celebrated its 25th Anniversary on June 5 at the Belk Theater with a special evening of performances reflecting the diverse religious faiths in the local community.

Relive the magic of the evening by viewing the video.

View photos from the event:

Here’s what folks are saying about the event:

“A stunning evening! I hope you’re totally delighted with what you offered us all….inspiration, stellar entertainment, challenge and hope. The work of Mecklenburg Ministries and last night’s event makes me proud to be part of this city.” — Octavia Seawell

“Thank you so much for your kind invitation! The tenants (of Moore Place) absolutely loved it! One of our tenants (Carl) in attendance has cancer. He is having an operation today, and told me repeatedly how much it meant to him to be able to attend such an uplifting program with song and dance the night before his operation.” — Katie Church (Note: Carl is recuperating beautifully!)

“What a life-changing experience the 25th Anniversary Celebration was for me personally….an event that was probably the most uplifting, bonding, unifying humanitarian experience Charlotte has seen in decades. It was the most fun I have ever had playing the piano!” — Scott Whitesell, Pianist, Interfaith Mass Choir

“What an uplifting and transformative experience last night. THANK YOU, GRACIAS, MERCI.” — Astrid Chirinos

“The evening was inspiring, empowering, embracing, hopeful, joyful” — Marlene Cox

“It was a fantastic evening and a rich, rich program, flawlessly executed. Wonderful choices of performances, speakers and topics that showcased the diversity of Meck Min, our community and our culture.” — Moira Quinn

“The speakers were outstanding, the music and dance beautiful and the orchestration of this huge event seemed flawless. I am so proud to be a part of Meck Min!” — Gina Clegg

“After a long day of listening to all the bad news in the world – financial, political, and foreign affairs – it was such a breath of fresh air to see people of such diverse cultures, faith traditions, and ethnicity celebrate what is common in the human experience. I sat in the audience with a non-stop grin.” — Bruce Holliday

“Brilliant, just brilliant.” — Rev. John Cleghorn

“What a celebration!!! Last night’s event was very touching, loving and inspirational. Mecklenburg Ministries has inspired so many in this town with their mission, service and excellent programs. It was great to see so many youth as part of the program embracing racial and ethnic understanding.” — Cecy Ramirez

“What a wonderful CLASSY event. I pray our community remembers the event and the work that Meck Min has put in place to make our community a better place.” — Rose Hamid

“I was extremely impressed by all of the programs highlighted – and all of the wonderful music! I had no idea the sheer number of programs you coordinate at Meck Min!” — John Coggin, Institute for Emerging Issues, North Carolina State University

“Last night was phenomenal and a monumental endeavor….an amazing celebration of Meck Min building our interfaith community and city. It was a beautiful evening.” Rabbi Judy Schindler