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We are pleased to offer our member congregations and partnering organizations a way to share with the community important events that help build bridges across differences. Approved event submissions appear in our community events enewsletter, which reaches more than 4,000 subscribers on the last Friday of the month.

To be considered for publication, events must be:

• Sponsored by a member congregation or co-sponsored by Mecklenburg Ministries and a partnering organization.

• Open to the public and fit Mecklenburg Ministries’ mission to promote interfaith relationships, foster racial/ethnic understanding, and address social issues.

Note: We reserve the right to omit submissions that do not meet these requirements.

Event registration closes on the third Friday of each month, except in months with five Fridays, at which point it will close on the fourth Friday. Submission requests reopen for the next month the following week. We can publish only the first 10 approved submissions each month.

Note: Please do not submit events more than a month in advance, and please submit only one event per quarter.

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