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Practiced by more than 1.5 billion people worldwide, Islam is often misunderstood and stereotyped. This series offers an opportunity to lay aside misconceptions and to learn about our Muslim neighbors and their faith through their own experiences and voices. The goal is to build bridges and promote peace through listening, learning and positive engagement with our brothers and sisters in the Muslim community. Join us in Milford Chapel at Park Road Baptist Church.


I am a Muslim American
May 1, 2017 – 7 pm – 8:30pm
Islam. It’s a word that’s often evokes fear and misunderstanding. Many dismiss it as a religion of dogma, hate or a caricature of violence. But what’s the reality? Learn the truth about this Abrahamic religion and its rich traditions.
The Many Faces of Religious Extremism
May 8, 2017 – 7 pm – 8:30pm
Religious extremism is not limited to Islam. This session will explore the history of religious extremism in Christianity, Judaism and Islam. It will look at how extremism develops and the bests ways to counter it.
Islamophobia: A Panel Discussion
May 15, 2017 – 7 pm – 8:30pm
What are the dangers of Islamophobia? This session will explore the roots of political and cultural prejudice against Islam today and the ways in which Muslims have been unfairly designated as the “other” in America.

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