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Interfaith Dialogue
A Discussion about Torture and Interfaith
Join us as Myers Park Baptist Church senior pastor Rev. Ben Boswell, who served as a commissioner on the North Carolina Commission of Inquiry on Torture, talks about the commission’s findings.
Last year NCCIT released “Torture Fights,” a detailed analysis of our state’s role in the CIA’s Rendition and Torture program where individuals were illegally kidnapped and transported for interrogations. This implicates North Carolina in direct violation of state, federal, and international law, though our public officials have largely remained silent.
Since its release, NC No Torture and others have worked to promote the findings and recommendations outlined in the report. The recommendations, aimed at citizens and elected officials, seek accountability and transparency to ensure that our state is never again used as a launching pad for torture. They also focus on reconciliation, acknowledgement, and mending for those we have harmed.
Torture is a violation of human rights which is a concern of people of all faiths, and whenever our nation is involved in these shameful acts, all of us are victims. Come out to hear what we can do to end these abuses of civil liberties.


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